Exploring the Impact of Additive Manufacturing in the Aviation Industry

Additive manufacturing (AM) has made it possible to manufacture lighter and stronger parts. It has also allowed software to play a bigger role and this has led to increased efficiency and flexibility. One of the biggest beneficiaries of AM has been the aviation industry, which encompasses the defense, aerospace, and space industries. Uniquely designed aviation parts can now be manufactured, tested, and certified within a relatively short time frame.

Joining us today is Christina Kurth, Vice President of Sales at Sintavia LLC, a company that utilizes additive manufacturing to design and manufacture critical space, defense, and aerospace parts. She’ll share her insight on the impact that this approach is having on the aviation industry.

In this episode, you’ll learn about the process Sintavia follows in manufacturing parts using AM and the role played by software. The techniques of validating the newly produced parts will be covered, as well as the categories of parts that are produced. We’ll also discuss the future of this transformative approach to manufacturing and its position in the Gartner hype curve.


Some Questions I ask:

  • What services does Sintavia provide for its customers? (3:29)
  • What kind of parts does Sintavia print for aerospace customers? (5:55)
  • How do space, defense, and aerospace customers differ in their requirements? (10:32)
  • What techniques are used to test and certify parts? (15:46)
  • What will additive manufacturing be used for a few years from now? (21:32)

What You’ll Learn in this Episode:

  • Aerospace adoption mix for space, aerospace, and defense (9:32)
  • The process of aerospace parts production (10:50)
  • The benefits of additive manufacturing over traditional manufacturing (12:02)
  • Techniques of validating newly manufactured aerospace parts (16:15)
  • The role of software in additive manufacturing (17:59)
  • The position of the aviation industry in the Gartner hype cycle (18:52)

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