Creating Solutions and Managing Complex Printing: A Discussion with Siemens Material Solutions

We talk a lot in this series about how Additive Manufacturing promotes innovation. Many of the uses for this technology weren’t even conceived of when we started, and we continue to be surprised and impressed by the versatility of this technology. 

The capabilities of additive is a collaborative process between customers and manufacturers. We’re constantly thinking about the possibilities when customers are in search of solutions. We are discovering that the capacity for printing intricate parts also allows for assembly consolidation. From complex cooling components used in gas turbines to secret automotive parts in Formula One race cars, the future possibilities of Additive Manufacturing exceed the capacity of our imagination. 

In today’s episode, we’re talking to Tad Steinberg and Trevor Hillston from Material Solutions. Material Solutions are a print service shop that Siemens acquired a majority stake in back in 2016. They are experts in printing complex metal parts of exceptional quality. 

Trevor is the Chief Technical Officer and was one of the founding members of the company in 2006. His goal was to put a new technology metal into serial production. Since then, he's been developing and applying the technology to industrial gas turbines, aerospace, and automotive industries. 

Tad Steinberg is the Manager of Siemens Energy's Additive Manufacturing Business Development, Marketing and Sales. He works to create solutions for customer training, identification, and application of engineering requirements. Tad leads business development activities for the Americas at AMAC, our Additive Manufacturing Application Center in Orlando. 

Our conversation today takes a deep dive into the work happening over at Material Solutions. We talk about the ever-expanding possibilities within Additive Manufacturing, the types of solutions customers are asking for, and the expansion of the company as the benefits of this technology continue to be discovered. 

Some Questions I Ask:

  • Can you tell us a bit about what you print, and who you’ve printed for? (2:08)
  • What makes the printing you guys do unique? (3:56)
  • Are there any really innovative ways you've seen your customers using additive? (5:26)
  • How have you figured out how to make something that you can assure your customers of? (9:12)
  • Are you finding that you have to educate customers about the possibilities of additive? (11:16)

What You’ll Learn in This Episode:

  • Their role in presenting Additive Manufacturing solutions to customers (3:10)
  • How the certification and traceability process works (7:48) 
  • What customers are looking for in Additive Manufacturing (9:58)
  • What motivated Material Solutions to start expanding (18:22)

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