Episode 85: Protest, The Wide Awakes, Black Beuys & Buddhism with Tracey Ryans

In this latest episode of Across The Margin: The Podcast host Michael Shields sits down with activist, philanthropist, businessman, restaurateur, and practicing Buddhist Tracey Ryans for a wide-ranging interview that contemplates the unique moment in time we all inhabit. With a heavy focus on the unfolding global protests for equality and justice and against police violence and corruption, Michael and Tracey expound upon Tracey’s active role in the protests as a member of The Wide Awakes and The Black Beuys Collective. The Wide Awakes, who create in the name of liberation, are a community of critical voices from the fields of art, design, fashion, technology, media, film, music and spirituality aiming to radically reimagine the future and enable self-emancipation. The Black Beuys Collective is a racial justice organization that provides education and resources to help others productively fight against injustices in the world. Beyond his activism, Tracey is a stand up phenomenologist, a practitioner of Tai Chi and Soto Zen Buddhism, a co-owner of multiple long-standing New York restaurants (Miss Lilly’s & La Esquina), and a member of the Hive Collective (which helps companies, nonprofits and individuals maximize their social impact while building their brands) — all of which is touched upon in this dynamic and enlightening episode.

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