Ace City Racers live in session with A Celtic State of Mind

A Celtic State of Mind was named as the UK's Best Football Podcast at the prestigious Football Blogging Awards.

This latest episode finds Paul John Dykes and Kevin Graham being joined by Ace City Racers, who were the latest band to join ACSOM for an acoustic session. They also discussed:

* Watching Celtic in the bleak early nineties;

* Celtic's allure to the arteratti;

* Modern Life is Rubbish;

* Collaborating with Manda Rin & Sci-Fi Steven;

* Recording with legendary producer, Stephen Street;

* Getting and losing a record deal;

* Recording the intro music for A Celtic State of Mind.

A Celtic State of Mind has gone from strength-to-strength over the last couple of years, and there are many more guests lined up in the weeks ahead from the world of sport, music, film, art, broadcasting, literature and politics.

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