No Accounting for Taste ep120: PM software, HMRC service and accounting influencers

The co-founder of Future Cloud has reached new clients and even made strides towards solving the recruitment crisis through social media. Known for her ‘just post it’ style, Francesca records open and truthful videos about the highs and lows of running an accountancy practice.

As a relatively new firm, the videos have helped Future Cloud to differentiate itself, gain clients and establish its brand. The success of these videos support the trend that marketing is back in vogue that we’ve seen emerge from the Accounting Excellence Awards

Francesca and the AccountingWEB team also round up all the latest news from the past week in the world of accountancy, including a rare break from diplomacy from a group of tax bodies who publicly raised concerns about poor HMRC service levels, and we’ll also get the latest from AccountingWEB’s insight research - this week on Practice management software - and it wouldn’t be No Accounting for Taste if we didn’t also check in on the latest news and reaction on Making Tax Digital.

Show notes

Software insights: New practice software fashions
Tax bodies raise concerns over HMRC service levels
MTD ITSA: get the basics right
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