No Accounting for Tech Ep2: Does accountancy have a cybersecurity blind spot?

With recent hacks on high-profile accounting firms making headlines and the current geopolitical instability fuelling a rise in cybercrime, it’s perhaps inevitable that robust cybersecurity protection is creeping up firms’ agendas.

Any disruption to practice operations is hugely damaging to business – both reputationally and financially - so it’s vital for firms to take steps to protect themselves against the rising tide of cyberattacks.

Leading ethical hacker and head of cyber services for Falanx Cyber Rob Shapland works with SMEs and a number of accounting firms to bolster their cyber defences against the rising tide of cybercriminals targeting the accounting profession.

In the latest episode of the No Accounting for Tech podcast, Shapland tells AccountingWEB technology editor Tom Herbert that he believes the accountancy sector has a major ‘cyber blind spot’ that is leaving it vulnerable to exponential losses. He also provides a few pointers for firms to bolster their defences, based on his experience conducting cyber break-ins on behalf of clients.

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Resources mentioned on the show are:

The National Cyber Security Centre:
Falanx Cyber:
This podcast was written and hosted by Tom Herbert and edited by Will Cole.