No Accounting for Taste ep 115: Golf days, audit shake-ups and CPD

Della Hudson joins the No Accounting for Taste team this week to discuss the ICAEW’s plans to tighten up CPD requirements and all the latest news from the world of accountancy.

The accountancy coach and founder of Minerva Accountants delves into the new proposal from the ICAEW which would overhaul the current output based CPD model in response to the “increasingly complex world which our members operate in”.

AccountingWEB readers have raised concerns about the new requirements, arguing that the changes would lead to ICAEW members just trying to “hit their hours”.

Hudson and the AccountingWEB team also cover all the latest news from the world of accountancy including plans for the FRC to take control of audit registrations, golf days and the Companies House reform that will require small companies to file their profit and loss accounts.

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