No Accounting for Taste ep109: Spotlight on the MTD ITSA pilot

Following the news that only nine people are taking part in the Making Tax Digital for Income Tax pilot, this week on the No Accounting for Taste we take a deep dive look at the project and explore why the numbers have plummeted.

Gary Jacobs, the CEO of Eazitax, joins the AccountingWEB editorial team in the virtual studio this week to give his thoughts on the MTD ITSA pilot. Gary has been involved in the pilot since its inception in 2016. 

As reported on the site this week, the number of people taking part in the scheme has eroded to just nine due to the tightening of the criteria and the exclusion of those who had received Covid support grants.

Understandably, professional bodies and commentators are calling for more information on how HMRC plans to scale up its testing process.

The AccountingWEB team also rounds up all the latest news and stories hitting the world of accountancy this past week, including a major cyber-attack, the Treasury writing off billions in Covid fraud and agents losing access to HMRC services without AML proof. 

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