No Accounting for Taste ep108: Tales of the crypto-accountant

Two crypto-curious accountants join the podcast this week to explain how they’ve taken on more clients in this field and reveal what software has helped them.

Host Richard Hattersley is joined in the virtual pod booth by AccountingWEB’s John Stokdyk and a returning Tom Herbert to discuss the big headlines hitting the site over the past seven days. 

The team looks back at a week where HMRC waived late filing penalties on tax returns until the end of February and the AccountingWEB readers debated recent research on unaffiliated agents. 

And then later in the programme, Tom Herbert is joined by Northern Ireland based chartered accountant Adrian Markey and Chris Barnard, head of tax at Accounts & Legal, to discuss the rise and rise of cryptotax. 

With a growing number of clients turning to accountants for help with cryptocurrency calculations and record-keeping, Tom asks the crypto-accountants how they took the plunge and finds out some of the opportunities (and challenges).

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