No Accounting for Taste ep103: Accountants gear up for climate action

Matt Portt, the founder of Portt & Co, joins the AccountignWEB team to explain what his accountancy firm is doing to tackle the climate emergency.
As world leaders gather in Glasgow this week for Cop26, the accounting profession is asking what role it has to play in the climate crisis.

Bigger accountancy firms have typically owned this space, while previously some smaller firms have been left wondering what impact they could possibly have.

But purpose-driven firms like Matt Portt’s are now stepping forward and are making environmental, social, and corporate governance matters part of their culture.

With Cop26 in full swing, we'll find out why Portt and Co embraced sustainability and what it means for their practice, employees and clients.

The AccountingWEB team also take a look back at last week’s Budget - was it a non-event for accountants or were there some rabbits hiding in the undergrowth of the Budget Red Book?

We will focus more on the accounting profession’s role in tackling climate change at AccountingWEB Live Expo at Coventry on 1-2 December. You can register now to book your free tickets for the exhibition: