No Accounting for Taste ep100: MTD, NIC hike and pod memories

It’s episode 100 of the podcast. To celebrate, host Richard Hattersley has invited a couple of familiar voices back to the show to reminisce over some of the big news stories covered on No Accounting for Taste.

Days after the then Chancellor Philip Hammond his Budget in late November 2017, AccountingWEB launched its podcast, No Accounting for Taste. The editorial team crowded around the microphone and dissected what was an underwhelming Budget. At the time, we questioned whether the Budget was really the best way to launch the government’s fiscal policy.

With two different chancellor’s since Hammond and a lot of fiscal policy announcements, it’s safe to say a lot has changed since then. We’ve also had a global pandemic, grappled with SEISS and furlough and seen IR35 eventually roll out in the private sector. On the show this week we welcome back former editor Tom Herbert and former business editor Francois Badenhorst discuss all this and more. 

Richard Hattersley is also joined by AccountingWEB’s tax editor Rebecca Cave to race through the big stories of the past seven days. Again, Making Tax Digital dominates the headlines. This week we heard that the gap between the amount of VAT paid and VAT expected to be paid has increased by £2.3bn during the first year of MTD for VAT. 

Rebecca also summarises the issues emerging from the NIC health hike and the MTD for VAT software codes.