No Accounting for Taste ep98: Call for MTD delay, sport and new offices

Dan Heelan, director at Heelan Associates, joins No Accounting for Taste to discuss his post-pandemic plans and the latest news from the week, including the calls to delay the mandation of MTD ITSA.

As firms contemplate downsizing office space to accommodate hybrid working, Heelan steps into the virtual pod booth to explain to hosts Richard Hattersley and John Stokdyk why he’s upgraded his office.

Communication tools have made client contact easier throughout lockdowns and continues to ensure teams stay connected, but the need for face-to-face contact remains.

It’s not just for client experience but newer team members can easily learn through osmosis when working in a physical office with their colleagues.

Heelan’s office upgrade is also a result of growth. But this comes with other challenges such as recruitment and getting the right people.

Dan and the AccountingWEB editorial team also chew over the biggest stories of the week, including:

- The on-field and off-field management techniques accountants can learn from the summer of sport
- A £200,000 tax bill handed to a taxpayer that kept an extraordinary lack of records over 16 years
- Calls from leading tax and accountancy bodies to reconsider the timetable for the change in basis periods to the tax year basis, and the mandation of MTD ITSA

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