Scuba Diving Instructor and PADI Ambassador, Nouf Alosaimi

Welcome to ⟪About that outdoor job⟫ podcast where host Charlaine Jannerfeldt has conversations with those who’ve made the outdoors their living, so you can too. We’ll share their insights, observations, tips and why not a few of their best adventure stories.

In this episode she talks with Nouf Alosaimi, Saudi scuba diving instructor, PADI Ambassador and founder of the Red Sea Citizen Dive Club. Nouf shared how she believes following your passion is always a success especially for your mental well-being. She is all about empowerment and she's taken the lead to help the female community of Saudi divers be supported in their sport and initiate those women who are willing to take the plunge. She candidly speaks not only about the upsides of her profession but what the challenges to be happy in this career are. She also has some great advice for anyone considering working as a scuba diving instructor.

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