Professional Dog Mushers Anna and Kristy Berington

Welcome to ⟪About that outdoor job⟫ podcast where host Charlaine Jannerfeldt has conversations with those who’ve made the outdoors their living, so you can too. We’ll share their insights, observations, tips and why not a few of their best adventure stories.

In this episode she talks with identical twin sisters Anna & Kristy Berington, dog mushers and co-owners of Seeing Double Sled Dog Racing kennel. They share with us how having free range growing up instilled a self-reliance and "can do" attitude that's served them well out on the trails; how two sisters from Wisconsin made their way to racing the legendary Iditarod dog race; what drives them to keep racing in these harsh conditions; and what having 40some fury colleagues is like year round. They also share some great advice for anyone considering dog mushing.

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Features in this podcast: Anna and Kirsty Berington

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Dean Osmar, 1984 winner of the Iditarod

Lance Mackey, 4 time Iditarod winner

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