The How and Why of Writing a Book with Vicki Wusche

Many aspiring entrepreneurial authors, especially women, are worried that writing is a selfish use of their time. Vicki Wusche, a five-time author and property wiz, wants you to know that the opposite is true. Today she joins Lucy to talk about why sharing your knowledge is never a selfish act. You don’t want to miss her no-nonsense approach to shedding the excuses and owning your journey.

“If I know something that, if I shared it with you, could help you in some way, why wouldn’t I do that?”

-Vicki Wusche


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06:39 - How your book can be the turning point of evolution in your business.


12:45 - Why you shouldn’t be afraid of being criticized for sharing your journey.


18:16 - The “tribe of readership”, and why you shouldn’t be concerned with comparisons.


21:05 - Why you don’t need to write specifically for women.


26:01 - Why keeping your expertise to yourself is selfish.


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