Gail Kelly - the first female CEO of an Australian Big Four bank

South African-born Australian businesswoman Gail Kelly was the first female CEO of one of Australia’s Big Four banks, the highest paid woman in an Australian corporation, and in 2010 Forbes named her the 8th most powerful woman in the world – one place above Beyoncé!


On this episode Gail talks about her childhood and growing up in the politically charged environment of South Africa in the 1960’s.


Gail tells of how she started as a Latin teacher before making the unexpected transition to banking, and how she managed to study an MBA and have four children – including triplets! She delves into how she did it all with the help of her very supportive partner. 


Gail and Julia also discuss the value of supportive and progressive workplaces that are crucial to ensuring women have the flexibility and confidence to combine careers and motherhood.


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