Clementine Ford - fighting for feminism

*Disclaimer* - This episode includes a discussion of eating disorders, and listener discretion is advised. If this episode raises issues for you, and you would like further support, visit the Butterfly Foundation website ( or call their helpline 1800 33 4673

Clementine Ford thinks women are only going to affect real change in gender equality if they stop appeasing men and start fighting. Julia talk Clementine about her honest and uncompromising approach to feminism, and how she was able to take her feminist voice into spaces not known for feminist discourse. Clementine talks openly about her battle with an eating disorder, and how she overcame the anxieties around body image and the pressures placed on young women to look a certain way. Julia and Clementine share with each other how they have coped with misogyny and abuse throughout their careers, and what the best way to deal with an online troll may be. Clementine also speaks about abortion and the language of shame in which it is often discussed to oppress women.

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