Clare Malone on who will be the next US President

With only days to go before the US Election, Julia speaks to Clare Malone, a Senior Political Reporter with data driven news site, FiveThirtyEight on what we can expect to see when ballots are counted.

Clare explains the current state of play – what is the data telling us about who will win the presidency, what might happen on election day and in the weeks and months after, and how things look for Trump compared to 2016.

Clare and Julia discuss how American women are voting this election, why they are voting differently to 2016, and what issues are influencing their vote.

Julia asks Clare about the sexist treatment of female political candidates, how media and community perceptions of gender stereotyping have evolved in politics as we’ve seen more women run for high office, and the performance of Kamala Harris as the Democratic Vice Presidential Nominee.

Clare talks about her experiences as a young journalist, and how she navigated her path through a male dominated environment.

“The past few decades of American life have been about revealing that while the white male experience has been the predominant force in American life thus far, that is changing and…it will not be the case for much longer”.

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