142. Amit Paul - Solo episode. Reflections from the past year: Life centrism, interdependence, hyperobjects, the masuline and the feminine, sustainability and trauma

This episode is a (first) solo episode by Amit. Reflecting on the themes and topics that have been present in the podcast and perhaps exploring or highlighting some particular curiosities of his going forward. Part reflection, summation, part direction, curiosity. The episode touches upon the topics of the life centric approach - to move in the world in a way that affords more life. How this relates to the concept of centres and fields and interdependence - where is the edge of a lake, or a deer for that matter? I also touch on hyperobjects and living in the time of them - how there is no longer the luxury that we once imagined was called 'away'. I touch on the masculine and the feminine and however useful the collective mapmaking, characterisation is they are irrelevant as sensemaking of individuals, it's more complex than that. Finally I bring all of that into the story of sustainability we are currently living and how our life story sofar condition us to see and generate the world each and everyone of us are living into. Hopefully this inspire you, I certainly had fun flowing on these topics and was able to discover and connect a couple of things I had not quite seen like this before. Wanna get in touch and continue the conversation or work with me as an advisor or coach? Check out my webpage, it's almost up to date. Enjoy.