133. Stefan Ekwall - How liminal are our times, really?

In this episode Amit and Stefan explore the question of liminality and their experience of it. The guiding question is how liminal are our times, really? Stefan was on the podcast with Nils back in Episode 60 and if you want to find out more about him visit his webpage Human stories. This exploration flies high at times but it's also grounded. We speak of liminality in form of the gardener and the contextual aspects of gardening, how it's not necessarily a peaceful activity. We speak of parenting and the implication of the pending ecosystems collapse and the signs thereof in our immediate surroundings and the pain that causes. And we point to the simple truth that context matters, always. If you are trying to build something, grow something or survive that and those around you are an integral part of your potential. This exploration was embodied, probing fun. Enjoy.