134. Pamela von Sabljar - An experiment: Dialogue from Eros - letting life force show the way

Pamela von Sabljar is a different breed of facilitator and a fellow explorer of this shift we're in. Her most recent masterclass is actually called "Facilitating the shift". She works as a radical facilitator and coach, contexts where you might have come across her most recently is at Rebel Wisdom, the STOA, Emerge, Nordic Womens Gathering. For more background take a listen to EP 104 for an exploration on the masculine and feminine principles. Or visit her webpage (I can personally vouch for the Facilitating The Shift master class). This episode is quite different. It is an exploration of eros or life force. It is an experiment in a practice Pamela is a wisdom keeper of and a practice Amit has been engaging with. It is an invitation to a creative space, a practice of speaking when spoken through, an energy or perhaps a transmission. We explore Eros, why it seems to both of us that she will be a key piece in this shift we're in and we try to discern some key aspects for unlocking her potential, especially in areas where our current moment might be confused. The content is important but perhaps more so the space this episode comes from. I'm really curious about how it comes alive in you?