E105: Bruce le Riche - Quality practice makes perfect

In this episode we catch up with South African rider turned Aussie: Bruce le Riche.


It's worth going back and listening to episode 58 with his brother Brent as well.


We hear about Bruce's time in South Africa, before a false start at riding in the UK, before eventually making it to the USA and riding the NATC championships.


We hear about Bruce building upon his early success to finish 2nd in the 2005 NATC season and how he worked as a coach at the Trials Training Centre in Tennessee.


We discuss the world round in Duluth and we are trying something new with this episode: Bruce is going to take us through what he means when he says "Quality practice makes perfect".


Ladies and gentleman I give you my chat with Bruce le Riche.



Episode 58 with Brent le Riche: https://trials.com.au/news/ep-58-brent-le-riche--15-times-south-african-national-champion-5503


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