E99: Michael Lois - Back from the brink and re-discovering passion for two wheels

Today we speak with Michael Lois. This is the amazing story of how a promising footballer suffered a life changing injury that turned his life upside down. Michael was the 2nd person in his class to commit to a college on a full football scholarship, which for the initiated, means he was pretty good and his talent was recognised early.


Only 5 days after committing and while still in high school Michael suffered a life changing injury which he was brave enough to discuss in some detail.


Michael was no stranger to bikes, but his passion was football however when this was taken away on a fateful September night he used the opportunity to pivot back to his early passion of two wheel and now more specifically trials thanks to some encouragement from his Dad.


Michaels uncle was a former trials rider and as you will hear he now live 5 mins from Pat Smage and makes use of the Smage compound for his training and event gets some training from the entire Smage family as well.


Michael spoke with great poise and was able to reflect on a very turbulent time but how he has come out the other side with a positive attitude and a strong competitive spirit continue progressing up the grades. He's even tried his hand at a Hard Enduro.


Ladies & gentlemen, I give you my chat with Michael Lois.


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