E98: Paul Arnott - A chat with the man behind The Hell Team & the COVID supply chain disruptions to the trials industry

Today we speak with Paul Arnott, the man behind The Hell Team. Having spoken to Paul about this interview a long while back it was good to finally get around to do it. Paul was our first sponsor for this podcast and had absolutely no hesitation in signing up.


I've dealt with Paul a bit as a consumer from the Hell Team but pretty much everyone in trials I know has dealt with him as well.


We hear about how the Hell Team got started, and the various false starts with being importing thanks to brands not surviving of events life the GFC.


We discuss the hectic life of an importer when you are running world rounds and the crazy story of using a catering oven to do a main bearing when you are out supporting international riders far away from your workshop.


We talk through the people Paul has met along the way and the relationships he has built over time and how those relationships have paid dividends when needed.


I'd also like to take this opportunity on behalf of all the riders Paul has sponsored and supported along the way, in particular helping with Aussie riders when travelling to Europe...I know it means a lot.


Ladies & gentlemen, I give you my chat with Paul Arnott.


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