E103: Sean Bird - Flying high with current Canadian Champ

Today we are flying high with the Birdman. Sean Bird is Canada's current champion also does a lot of freestyle work with shows and previous work with the Marvel Universe live & Freestyle Kings.


We chat with Sean about where it all started, and he opens up about the pitfalls of going up a grade before you were really ready.


Sean then had a break from the sport while he focused on his career, but as so often is the story we hear about how he came back and the generosity of a rider to simply give him his bike to ride to help Sean recapture the bug.


Since then Sean has been busy evolving into a freestyle rider and shows with former guest Sam King under Sams company Ride the Vibe, travelled to China for work with Freestyle Kinds and as mentioned the Marvel universe Live before COVID shut it down.


It was a treat to speak with Sam, and here about his plans for the TdN and the year ahead and how he balances training for events vs freestyle shows.


Ladies and gentleman I give you my chat with the Canadian Champ: Sean Bird.


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