E102: Theresa Bäuml - There is more to life than just trials

I was really pleased to get to speak with German rider Theresa Bäuml on this episode of the podcast. It's been too long since last chatting with a German rider and this was also an opportunity to get into the women's trials scene with a successful rider across German Championships, European Championships and Winner of a Trial GP event.


And I'm not kidding about that success, Theresa is the winner of the German Championship from 2015 to 2019.

She won the European Championships 2015 & 2016

And she was the winner of the Italian Trial GP in 2017.


Theresa opens up on why her results have dropped in recent years, and you may be shocked as I certainly was, to discover she was diagnosed with a brain tumour that required multiple surgeries and although the worst is behind her she has been left still feeling some after effects.


As a result of all this she hasn't been riding much with COVID as well stifling her ability to ride, but it has given her a renewed lease on life and a perspective that there is more in the world than just trials and that and to really value your health and wellbeing.


I'm still amazed at Theresa's courage and I can wait to see her back on the bike sometime soon.


Ladies and gentleman I give you my chat with German rider Theresa Bäuml.


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