E100: Emile Mattheeuws - Smiling super powers & Belgian trials overview + El Trial De Espana Announcement!


Today we speak with Emile Matthueews from Belgium. He is the current Belgium Champion, and rides in the Trial 2 class of Trial GP. Emile scored his first Trial 2 points earlier this year at the Cahors round in France, and has represented Belgium at the TdN 4 times previously.


We discuss what it was like having one of your first international competitive experiences be the TdN, and why his super power is his infections smile.


Emile gives us a tour of local Belgium competition, and how he trains in preparation for World Rounds.


We discuss his plans for 2022 and his busy calendar, along with his excitement for the TrialGP festival to visit his home town in Belgium for the first time in a few years.


Ladies & gentlemen, I give you episode 100... my chat with Emile Matthueews.


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