#269 - Connect with your ideal audience - Lee Matthew Jackson

We all have a personal brand, even if we don't fully understand what that is or what it looks like. Through networking, through attending events and through showing up online, I've developed a personal brand that attracts the right type of clients to the businesses I am a part of. For me it was accidental and as I try to become more intentional it made sense to connect with Nicole Osborne.

Nicole suggested a 5 day challenge to help unpack my personal brand more, and within minute we figured it would make sense to bring it to the community!

This episode is a recording of our live stream in the Facebook group. Nicole shares the 5 stages of unleashing your personal brand stories and we extend an invite for you to come and join in the challenge from the 8th - 12th of June 2020!

See you in the community!


Full show notes: https://agencytrailblazer.com/connect-with-your-ideal-audience/

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