Episode 61 That Great Business Show - David Russell, CEO, Host Ireland - Lisa Haskins Head of International Marketing EMEA, VidMob - Eamonn Sayeres, CEO Guinness Enterprise Centre - Mariann Checkley, CEO, Kinia

On Episode 61 of 'Ireland's best business podcast' with Conall O Morain, we bring you...

2.30" David Russell, CEO, of Host Ireland joins TeamGBS to explain why he took a speedboat to his first job, why he hired a charity collector from outside his office, how his CTO went from butcher to running the company's entire technology platform, what he's willing to do to find and train people who want to become network engineers (like most of the country's businesses, 'he's hiring', why wireless broadband has to be part of the national broadband mix. The much maligned staff implementing the National Broadband Plan get words of encouragement from David who says their job is nigh on thankless, and implementing nationwide broadband is tough no matter where in the world you are.

For his 'hire in a heartbeat' he went looking for an entire team (he is desperate to hire people after all) and he chose Barbara Humpton, CEO, Siemens Corporation, PLUS Stewart Butterfield, co-founder of Flickr and Slack (so no slouch!) AND Bob Iger, President at Walt Disney. If only!

27.00" Lisa Haskins, International Marketing Director EMEA for VidMob, one of the cleverest ad analytics companies we've come across. Their company research, that they make freely available, goes into the most minute detail of when, where, why, how people interact with ads, across all digital platforms AND what is called static ads...so non-digital ads as well. Lisa tells us that you'll get a 53% greater purchase rate from your 'call to action' in an ad if yo use the word 'GET' rather than saying rather than saying 'SHOP NOW'. She had so, so, so many tips including to use the word 'LIMITED' (as in 'limited offer') rather than saying 'BUY NOW' (this tiny change can increase sales by 20%!). Like all our podcast guests, VidMob is hiring so she's looking for multiple disciplines and she wants them now, for this incredibly fast growing New York HQ'd company.

47.00" Eamonn Sayers, CEO, Guinness Enterprise Centre, talks about the huge expansion at one of Ireland's first business incubators. He explains why, though mainly tech focussed, that they also want a diverse range of businesses to 'incubate' at their James' Gate based centre because businesses learn from each other. But, if you think you'd like to base your business at the GEC, as it's called, you'd better be quick because Eamonn reckons he'll be putting up the 'House Full' sign in Q1 of next year.

57.00" Eamonn is joined by one of his protegee companies, Kinia CEO Marianne Checkley, who gives the GEC three (!) thumbs up. She explains what her own education focussed social enterprise is doing and why working in the GEC is so, so helpful for her team to keep fully abreast of what's happening in the digital space, knowledge that her team of 20 then can pass on to the company's clients. One other good thing, they do their business in English and 'as Gaeilge'.

Eamonn's 'hire in a heartbeat'...after naming most of his native County Kerry, he plumped for his own dad.

Marianne's 'hire in a heartbeat', Elizabeth Churchill, Director at Google. Find out what makes her such a star pick.

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