Episode 58 That Great Business Show - Jason Lynch COO Equal1, Mary McKenna, founder, Tour America, Catherine Lockhart & Marc O'Dwyer, Big Red Cloud Big Giveaway

2.00" This story is nothing short of extraordinary. And it's real.

Jason Lynch, COO of startup Equal1, based at NovaUCD. Their business is quantum computing and if, in the next two years, they achieve their targets, we may have quantum computers as laptops. And, if you don't know anything about quantum computers, all you do need to know is that they are MILLIONS of times more powerful than what's sitting on your desk today.

Jason explains how 'the band got back together' to form this exceptionally exciting small company that may be about to revolutionise personal computing. The team is vastly experienced, sporting PhD and Professor badges, so there's nothing flaky about them. They've also been scrutinised by some serious investors including Atlantic Bridge, btov Industrial Technologies, 808 Ventures and Enterprise Ireland, who have pitched €10 million at the company to date. Jason explains what their expansion plans are (they're hiring) and over the course of the interview the true magnitude of this project is revealed. We may be looking at something akin to a new Apple. In Ireland. Really. They're already in talks with IBM.

Not surprising so that Jason's 'hire in a heartbbeat' is the Woz, Stephen Wozniak, co-founder of Apple.

25.00" Mary McKenna, founder of Tour America

We had invited Mary on to That Great Business Show to tell us how she and her company keep winning any 'best managed' awards available, and have done so for many years now. But that invitation was sent before President Biden announced the opening of the US borders, allowing your business to start the necessary travel to sell your goods and services to the world's largest economy. So, opportunistically, we decided to ask US born Mary, who has made a highly-successful career from 'selling America' to tell us her many top tips on how to best to travel, where to find the best airline deals (not necessarily booking directly!), using Revolut to save up to 2.5% every time you buy something, upgrading your hotel for $20, the benefits of various airport loyalty schemes...and so much more. And of course we asked her about winning those awards and also, the elephant in the room, what it was like not to have ANY BUSINESS AT ALL for the last year and a half. Top listen.

Mary's 'hire in a heartbeat'? Journalist, panellist, barrister and Tour America video maker, Aileen Hickey. Find out why.

51.00" Marc O'Dwyer and Catherine Lockhart, Big Red Cloud

TeamGBS likes FREE so when Big Red Cloud offered free gifts to TeamGBS listeners who choose to use their services then, naturally, we had to have them on. Marc and Catherine explain how your business can get free transaction costs on your first €5,000 value of business done, if you use their new Square integration and if you are a first time buyer of their accounting software then you'll also be getting a free tablet. All because Big Red Cloud backs TeamGBS.

And, of course, being That Great Business Show we also head down a couple of rabbit holes, such as what it takes to be an Iron Man, the wonders of IADT College in Dublin, tips for women to climb the greasy corporate pole, and so much more.

Listen and save your business money.

Marc's 'hire in a heartbeat' is John Purdy, non-executive chair at Ergo

Catherine backed a woman, choosing Marissa Carter, founder of Cocoa Brown Tan, as her 'hire in a heartbeat'.

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