E41 That Great Business Show - Jill Holtz, ParentsandBrands.com, John O'Connell, CEO CW Applied Technology, Neil Skeffington, Novelplast, Cathal Noone, founder RandDTaxCredits.ie

Episode 41 of That Great Business Show

Presented by Conall O Morain

2.00' Jill Holtz, CEO of ParentsandBrands, on results from their parents survey on post-Covid spending. Jill says, contrary to the popular narrative, that parents are NOT going to splurge post Covid, as caution has set in. She gives tips for how businesses can attract that unspent money though and living in Oranmore, Galway, she also tells us about the future of deliveries. Her bought in meals drop from the sky! (well, via drone company Manna). She explains the fascinating process.

Jill's 'hire in a heartbeat' is super-athlete, Derval O'Rourke.

21' John O'Connell, CEO CW Applied Technology, on his award winning Muv-X portable disinfection device...but we got him talking about making bespoke windows for Bentley cars, windows that go to black on a touch of a button. The CW in the company name stands for Collaborate to Win...he's looking for another company to work with strengths in manufacturing. The company is looking to expand into the US and TeamGBS will be introducing them to the Ireland/Connecticut Business Council. John is also recruiting for senior management who would like to live and work in Clare. His 'hire in a heartbeat' is former BnB senior executive, Aisling Hassell,

42' Neil Skeffington, founder NovelPlast, talks us through what's happening in plastic recycling and how his Udarás backed, Meath based, company is doing its bit to recycle industrial plastics (not plastic bottles!). He explains why plastics are not infinitely recyclable but that technology is working on the problem and he also says that he doesn't want raw materials at zero cost. They're also working on a project to reclaim and reuse plastic fishing nets as sunglasses. They're currently funded by Beechpoint Capital but are open to further funding offers. His 'hire in a heartbeat', Greta Thurnberg.

1.00.00 Cathal Noone, RandDtaxcredits.ie tells TeamGBS that hundreds of companies don't collect tax credits, leaving millions of Euro on the table. He says that one of the reasons companies don't send in requests for rebates is that the likelihood of a tax audit becomes much greater, with all the time and costs that involves. Former PWC director Cathal has developed a software for making R&D claims that cuts fees by up to as much as 50%. Cathal's 'hire in a heartbeat', the Collison brothers (he'd love to apply his software to their Stripe products!)

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