E24 That Great Business Show Tara Beattie, Prep Sheet chef software, Giles Newsome, iConnect101 creating digital banks worldwide, Sinead Doherty, Fenero.ie, tax for contract employees, Michael Dever, HappyTeams.io, keeping employees happy

2' Mathematician, statistician,...chef! That's the wonderful business journey (so far!) of Tara Beattie, co-founder of The Caterers, SI Cafes, Mange Tout...and what she joined Team GBS to talk about, her food preparation software, Prep Sheet. It's a wonderful piece of analytics software that can tell a chef from the tiniest café to the largest meal prep organisation, what ingredients are costing, what small recipe changes can yield to the bottom line, deliver consistency of meals across multi-locations...and, and, and....it's very good. All based on the many years of experience Tara and her top-end chef husband (Coq Hardi, Chapter One, l'Ecrivain) have had. She wants all and any of Team GBS who are in the catering business to try (for free!) her Prep Sheet software, and to Beta test it for her. Tell anyone in catering to get in touch with Tara at TheCaterers.ie

22' Giles Newsome is founder at iConnect101 - a digital transformation specialist, HQ'd in Dublin but with a growing business in the UAE and India (where they very recently beat off all-comers in a tender to create a secure rival for the Indian government to substitute MS Teams and/or Zoom) - and, as you do, they have created, for a client in Vietnam, a full digital bank, from scratch, in just 14 months. Like Louella Morton's business Test Reach that we featured on E23, this one is another hidden Irish made gem. BTW, Giles would have any or both of the Collison brothers (Stripe) if he could 'hire them in a heartbeat'.

40' Sinead Doherty is founder of Fenero.ie - Fenero we learn is Latin for 'doing well in business' - though there was some discussion about the actual pronunciation. Sinead's tax advice firm specialises in advising top end contract workers (tech, finance etc.) on issues around tax but she does it differently, having a customer care team that deal directly with the clients. The care team in turn send all of the tax issues on to their specialist tax experts who live in the 'back office'. Sinead says it's a different approach that her firm takes, unlike other accountancy firms, putting the customer first, and speaking in 'plain English'. Her heartbeat hire is billionaire founder of Spanx, Sara Blakely. Sinead explains why.

58' 'Employees don't quit jobs, they quit bosses' is the brave claim by (very) early stage start up HappyTeams.io - a company that uses all the latest whizz bangs to monitor the happiness of your staff - seeing if they're being cheesed by a task, a client or a boss, and feeding these anonymised daily insights back to the boss so that she/he can make changes before unhappy employee takes control of the situation themselves by exiting the company. Founder Michael Dever references how one woman, secondary school teacher, Caroline Clarke, gave Michael the confidence he lacked, and her approach is something he applies every day in his fast growing business. She's also his immediate choice for who he would hire in a heartbeat.

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