Exploring the Future of Fashion with Supply Chain Technology, Monetizing Waste Streams and How to Turn Pollution Into Profit w/ Stephanie Benedetto, the "Queen of Raw,” MIT Solve Global Challenge Winner and Google Women Who Tech Rising Star

Two Queens talk tech! Episode 32 is PART 2 of a 2-part lightning talk series exploring Stephanie Benedetto’s journey from corporate attorney, to sustainability tech entrepreneur. She is the co-founder of the Queen of Raw solution: a B2B platform for businesses to recapture value from their wasted materials and touts an impressive list of recents awards including MIT Solve Global Challenge Winner, LVMH Innovation Award, Google Women Who Tech Fashion Group International Rising Star, and thredUP Circular Fashion Fund Recipient.

Technology and the future of fashion includes assuring brand identity and ethical supply chains with provenance. How does technology like blockchain, AI, deep ML, analytics, and digital supply chains bring us closer to sustainability and circularity in fashion?

This episode explores the nitty-gritty of fashion supply chains and technology, including predictions for the future of fashion. Most notably, we break down how to monetize waste streams and optimize fashion supply chains from acquisition to manufacturing, to creating a brand that meets the triple bottom line: people, planet, profit.

Learn about entrepreneurship in an age of Amazon: the Queen of Raw saw an opportunity in the B2B space and created a private portal to cater to large volume buyers and sellers and launched a partnership with SAP. And for Queen of Raw, fashion and textiles is just the beginning. Looking across industries and around the world, it has found the $1 trillion thread to solve the world’s water crisis.  

Learn about using blockchain to rescue fashion’s dead stock: the Queen of Raw uses blockchain technology to provide transparency around wasted inventory and turn that pollution into profit by integrating with its global marketplace. Queen of Raw secures and verifies supply chain data to help companies save significant time and money. Blockchain is the new reality for wholesale and retail.

Learn more about Stephanie here -  http://www.queenofraw.com 

Industry: SaaS Software, Supply Chain, Textiles, Blockchain, Machine Learning/AI, Marketplace Launched: Q3 2018

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