Episode 80: What an expert teenage gamer can teach digital workplace teams

Online gaming can often be viewed negatively as a waste of time and brain power for children, or as a way to escape the real world, but there are many lessons and positive characteristics from the digital world of online gaming that can be applied to the digital workplace to build stronger organizations.


In this episode of Digital Workplace Impact, Max Toper, author of Why is he still here?, in conversation with Paul Miller and Nancy Goebel, shares personal stories of the role online gaming has played for him as an individual and how it has helped him as he navigates the education system through the global pandemic.


Drawing on anecdotes from his role as a Guild Leader in an online game, Max details the importance of knowing the strengths and weakness of your team members and of placing them in positions where they feel most comfortable and have the potential to impact the overall success in battle. This episode dives into how this can apply to the digital workplace and employee experience in relation to developing greater understanding of skills, building better relationships, and producing high-quality work and outcomes both as individuals and as an organization.


Guest speaker: Max Toper, author of Why is he still here?

Show notes, links, and resources for this episode:

Nature of Work podcast Trailer: https://shows.acast.com/nature-of-work-podcast-with-shimrit-janes-and-paul-miller

'Why is He Still Here?', by Max Toper: https://www.amazon.co.uk/Why-Still-Here-Max-Toper/dp/1800491352

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