LOVE IN PARADISE: Caribbean Love, A 90 Day Story 0108 "Baby Makes...2"

IT'S THE FINALE Y'ALL!Amber and Daniel's goodbye is lightened by his impending move to America. When Steven second guesses proposing, Martine gains clarity. Key tells Mark what he's been waiting to hear. Aryanna gets some unexpected news and worries about the future.JOIN REALITY GAYS EXTRA! Either on Patreon, or Supercast, NOTE: The $15 video tier is on Patreon only.Buy Tix for LIVE SHOWS HERE! ARE LOVING GROQ HEALTH! Sign up for the WAITLIST for FREE! www.getgroq.comKEEP UP with the Gays in our NEWSLETTER! Find us on the Socials:Twitter @RealityGaysPodInstagram @RealityGaysPodcastFacebook @RealityGaysPodcastLEAVE A REVIEW ON APPLE PODCASTS: all our podcasts on our podcast network,'ALL--COME AT US ON CAMEO! Book Jake or Matt! We will read you, sing to you, or tell you if your BF has BDF.SISSY SWAG! Get a mug, shirt, pillow at our MERCH STORE!Wanna talk with your Sissy Squad? Join our PRIVATE FACEBOOK GROUPFind Mattie! Instagram: @theMattMarr Twitter: @theMattMarrFind Jake! Twitter: @jakeitorfakeit Instagram: @jakeitorfakeitListen to Mattie’s other ADVICE podcast, THE DEAR MATTIE SHOW!

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