22 in ’22 in 22’

We wrap up 2021 with some new year’s resolutions in the form of tips and recommendations. We’re calling it 22 in ’22 in 22’: That’s 22 tips, for 2022, delivered to you in 22 minutes.

Philip Rothman and David MacDonald spend a minute on each item, from our favorite apps, web sites, plug-ins, and techniques that we hope help with a “new you in ‘22” — at least when it comes to our favorite topic of music notation software and related tech. The clock’s already ticking, so let’s get the festivities started.

David's items:

  1. Scanner Pro from Readdle

  2. Use metadata in projects (Backstage area/File tab in Sibelius, Project Info in Dorico) with wildcards, tokens, inserts

  3. Change universal settings first (e.g. vertical spacing)

  4. Text Styles

  5. Use the “real” characters for sharps and flats (Dorico tokens, just copy/paste in other apps)

  6. Special Unicode characters

  7. Butterick’s Practical Typography

  8. Better Touch Tool “Key Sequences” and trackpad gestures to avoid conflicts. (h/t Shortcut Detective from Irradiated software)

  9. Sibelius Plugin: Delete Empty Text Strings

  10. Filters

  11. Organize files consistently (including file tags)

Philip's items:

  1. iPhone/iPad apps in general (Sibelius and Dorico)

  2. Tokens for exploiting PDFs in score order (in Sibelius and Dorico)

  3. Finale: Document > Page Format (Score… Parts…). Set this and then Redefine Pages in Page Layout tool. You may think that using the Page Size, System Size, and Edit Page Margins options in the Page Layout Tool is the right way… but no… Also, don’t “Scale System” or “Scale Page” to anything other than 100% in Page Format.

  4. When to use “Absolute” or “fixed” size for anything page-related (titles, page numbers, headers)

  5. Use the “real” dynamics (stylized bold italic mp, etc., not just regular expression text)

  6. Make sure you use them correctly! Più mosso.

  7. Schirmer Pronouncing Pocket Manual Of Musical Terms (Theodore Baker, ed. Nicolas Slonimsky, Laura Kuhn 5th ed 1995) $8 Kindle, paperback used

  8. Keyboard Maestro for Mac; Similar  but not the same on Windows: AutoHotKey

  9. I have to choose just one plug-in? Run them all with Run Plugins by Name

  10. Plugins part 2: Filter Other in Sibelius filters key signature changes, hidden objects, quartertones, and a lot more

  11. Please always use running headers (title, page number, part name) on all parts