Episode 18 – Michael Winslow (feat. Steve Guttenberg)

Michael Winslow is probably most well known for being Larvell Jones in Police Academy, the guy who made sound effects.  He had landed in the UK 4 hours earlier and kindly agreed to take part in two interviews, one of which was with me.  Shortly after recording the chat to Michael, Steve Guttenberg also agreed to one interview, but over the phone as he was on location in London.  He was on a short break in between filming, so he only had 5 minutes spare.  I asked as much as I could, but our chat was obviously quite short.

This chat with Michael was recorded in the bar area in the hotel that Michael and Steve were staying in, the day before they were guests at Manchester Comiccon, so please excuse the background clicking of glasses.

Intro Music provided by Ben.

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