[676] Flipping the Script with Jansen McClendon

Not long ago I flew to Pensacola, FL and sat down with a good friend of mine… long-time 7 Figure Flipping mastermind member Jansen McClendon.

We recorded a podcast episode together.

And it’s not the “usual” kind of episode I typically record.

In this episode Jansen opens the door to his upbringing and background, shares what’s happening right now in his son Jace's life, and the ups and downs of his real estate investing career.

This episode is about perseverance. It’s about the power of a positive mindset. It’s about what to do when things get hard and then keep getting harder.

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If the 7 Figure Flipping community has proven anything, it’s that nothing is impossible.

When my own son was born and needed four open heart surgeries in the first six months, I leaned on this community. The same goes for Jansen. We’re here for his family no matter what.

This community is for anyone who is serious about real estate investing and looking for something more. 

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