[671] Sneak Peek of the NEW 7 Figure Runway Program!

For years, one lingering question that has sat with me is “How can I ignite action in people?”

Drawing inspiration from my Naval flight training and other high-risk professions, I've uncovered ONE unique strategy to 'de-risk' situations. 

And it’s the foundation for the MASSIVE change I just made to the 7 Figure Runway program…

From breakthroughs to major updates, listen in now for the inside scoop on what’s coming to the 7 Figure Flipping community.

Listen in now!

7 Figure Runway is our intensive mentoring program for new-to-intermediate-level investors. It’s where we take serious real estate entrepreneurs and guide them through the launch and growth of their business.

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Take the “guesswork” out of your journey and instead follow a PROVEN PATH to start flipping houses, wholesaling, buying rentals, running AirBnb’s, and more in the 7 Figure Runway mastermind group. You’ll learn what’s working and what strategies to avoid. You’ll get access to the same tools and tactics HUNDREDS of our members are already using to build consistent, profitable businesses. If you’re ready to become a CONFIDENT investor, apply to join 7 Figure Runway!

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