[581] How Jerry Norton Makes $1,000,000 Per House

Real estate investing legend Jerry Norton is speaking at Flip Hacking LIVE this year…

So I asked him to join me on the 7 Figure Flipping Podcast to share what he’s doing in his business and why he’s coming to Flip Hacking LIVE… plus some quick golden nuggets you can start using TODAY!

Listen to the whole interview now!

Jerry has been flipping houses for 20 years.

He makes $1,000,000 net profit PER HOUSE on some of these flips.

And he says there’s one thing a lot of real estate investors are getting WRONG right now… even though this one thing accounts for roughly 80% to 90% of what it takes to make money in this business.

He also has a quick tip for how you can find good deals (before anyone else sees them) without any marketing.

This stuff is GOLD!!!

And it’s just a taste of what Jerry will be sharing at Flip Hacking LIVE.

If you HAVEN’T gotten your ticket yet…

…what are you waiting for???

Hit the link below to sign up.

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See you October 13-15!

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