[565] What You Need to Know if You’re Buying Rentals

Ray and Priscilla De Leon own a rock-solid rental portfolio.

They’ve built up a ton of equity.

But now they have an important decision to make…

And the answer could change everything for them.

If you own rentals or you’re thinking about buying rentals, you NEED to listen to this interview!

Listen in now!

And make sure to listen to the end…

There’s a “final takeaway” that we talk about right before signing off, and it’s one of the main things that helped Ray and Priscilla grow their real estate business faster than they ever thought possible…

Check it out!

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Want to connect with Ray and Priscilla De Leon? You can find them on Instagram at PacificHomeBuyers (https://www.instagram.com/pacifichomebuyers/)!

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