[561] How to Scale “Driving for Dollars” With DealMachine

6 years ago, David Lecko missed out on a great real estate deal.

He had written the property address on a scrap of paper…

And that scrap of paper got lost in his car.

So he wasn’t able to follow up with the seller.

David was a software developer. He decided to build a simple app for himself that would let him quickly create lists of properties and follow up with sellers right from his phone.

The app was clunky and ugly at first…

But it worked.

It worked so well, other investors started asking David how they could get their hands on it.

DealMachine was born.

Today thousands of real estate investors across the nation are using DealMachine to find and buy discounted off-market properties by the truckload.

Here’s how it works…

…and how you can use it to scale and automate driving for dollars!

Listen in now!

I heard about DealMachine in 2017 when David first started letting other investors download the app.

Some of our 7 Figure Altitude members were talking about it…

So I asked David to come to one of our mastermind events and spill the beans.

We’ve been working together in various ways ever since.

But now, for the first time, we’re partnering up to do something huge that we’ve NEVER done before…

7 Figure Flipping, DealMachine, and Kiavi (formerly LendingHome) are teaming up for a ONE-TIME-ONLY live masterclass on how to find and fund your first deal (or your next).

Hit the link to check it out!

Ultimate Real Estate Investing Masterclass >>

This is happening July 13 at 1:00 PM Central Time.

You’ll learn things like…

How to find discounted off-market houses…

How to get money to buy and renovate…

How to create systems to bring you deals…

And more.

There’s TOO MUCH to list here. We’re going ALL-OUT for this.

It doesn't cost anything to attend…

Anyone is welcome to come.

But it’s only happening ONE TIME…

And we only have 1,000 spots available on Zoom.

Between 7FF, DealMachine, and Kiavi, those spots might fill up VERY fast.

Sign up now…

Ultimate Real Estate Investing Masterclass >>

Catch you on the flip side!

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Want to start using DealMachine to find off-market houses and follow up with sellers? Want to build a driving-for-dollars team who will bring deals TO YOU while you sleep? Head over to DealMachine.com to sign up, and use the special code “7FF” to get some free stuff!

- CLICK HERE: DealMachine.com (Use code “7FF” when you sign up!)

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