[558] Dianne’s MLS House Flipping Secret

Dianne Morris is flipping 4 houses right now…

For her, finding deals isn’t difficult.

She’s figured out a unique “market niche” that lets her buy houses off the MLS that other investors are ignoring.

(And she makes HUGE returns on these flips)...

Get the whole story on today’s episode of the 7 Figure Flipping Podcast!

Dianne came to Flip Hacking LIVE not long after flipping her first house a few years ago.

From there, she joined the 7 Figure Runway program and recently moved up into the Altitude Mastermind Group.

She says getting around the right people is what really gave her traction at the beginning.

“What I paid to join Runway, I made back with just 1 deal,” she says.

If you want to do what Dianne did…

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It’s happening October 13-15 in Orlando, FL.

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Catch you on the flip side!

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