Not enough COVID-19 tests? No problem, we'll make them!

Not enough COVID-19 tests? No problem, we’ll make some!


When the coronavirus first transformed from a weird respiratory disease centered in Wuhan, China to a global pandemic, no one was really prepared. Worldwide, no one had enough masks, personal protective gear and definitely — not enough tests.


The problem was especially acute in places like Norway, a small country that had to compete on a global market to get anything and everything. 


What happened when a molecular biologist, some engineers and a couple of PhDs and postdocs put their heads together to design a completely different kind of coronavirus test — and how it changed lives in India, Denmark and Nepal.  This last country was given coronavirus tests as NTNU’s annual Christmas gift, in coordination with a volunteer organization called NepalimedNorway.


Our guests on today’s show are Magnar Bjørås, Sulalit Bandyopadhyay, Vegar Ottesen, Anuvansh Sharma and Tonje Steigedal.

There's a transcript for today's show here.


You can read more in detail about the tests here:


And here is a list of articles from NTNU and SINTEF’s online research magazine, Norwegian SciTech News:


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