11 Sydney Bird Club - with Amy and Stephanie

Explore Sydney through birdwatching and art. This episode is about the Sydney Bird Club birdwatching group, Centennial Parklands and ways to enjoy birdwatching through journalling and art.

Sydney Bird Club was founded by Stephanie Chambers and Amy Ranck to help people discover the magical world of Australian birds. With a Sydney-centric focus, they take casual bird-watchers through the steps to become full blown twitchers, with plenty of stops along the way for a pint. Tune in to hear them talk about Centennial Parklands, the Channel-billed Cuckoo, and how art and science and connected.


* Episode transcript - www.weekendbirder.com/episodes/11-sydney-bird-club-with-amy-and-stephanie

* Sydney Bird Club website - www.sydneybirdclub.com

* Sydney Bird Club on Facebook - @sydneybirdclub

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Bird calls were recorded by Marc Anderson and licensed from www.wildambience.com

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