Episode 56: The Truth About Vaccines with Ty Bollinger

Vaccines are a hot topic right now. Many parents are faced with the decision: to vaccinate or not to vaccinate. There are many truths and many myths that surround this topic and I find that people are very emotionally involved in this conversation. In this episode I interview Ty Bollinger on his new docu-series “The Truth About Vaccines”. It's a crazy world we're living in right now. It is truly “the best of times and the worst of times.” Vaccines…a very polarizing topic. Some claim that it is the cause of autism. Others claim that it's perfectly safe. But what does the science show?

Show notes:

* Welcome [2:20]
* The Truth About Cancer Recap [2:40]
* Why Ty Chose to do TTAV [5:56]
* Vaccine Ingredients…are they safe? [6:50]
* “The Vaccine Trust” – Are you being taxed for vaccines? [12:30]
* The Birth of Vaccines – Edward Jenner [14:08]
* What really eradicated small pox? [16:00]
* Pasteur vs. Bechamp – does the bug cause illness? [17:50]
* The Measles outbreak and SB277 [22:37]
* Medical Mandates & Medical Exemptions [27:17]
* What to do when you're required vaccinations for school or work [31:57]
* Homeoprophylaxis [33:49]
* Alternative schedule for those who want to vaccine (the vaccine friendly plan) [36:30]
* Are there any SAFE vaccines? [38:12]
* Pro-Vax or Anti-Vax…where should you fall? [41:50]
* Herd Immunity [45:35]
* Closing words [48:25]

Links to other things we talked about in this episode

* Vaccine ingredient list from CDC
* Vaccine companies can't be sued
* Edward Jenner – History of Vaccinations
* Germ theory vs Terrain Theory
* Vaccinated with measles poses to be a silent carrier
* Polysorbate 80 effects
* Hannah Pauline awarded 1.5 million for vaccine injury
* Dr. William Thompson
* Watch the docu-series THE TRUTH ABOUT VACCINES

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