482: What Does Bold Leadership Mean to You? {Interview with Tara Newman}

"Leading yourself in a way that is unapologetic and bold solves most problems." - Tara Newman 


Tara is a high-performance leadership coach, CrossFit and coffee fanatic, and expert in Organizational Psychology with a mission to help people find the MORE they’ve been looking for.

As a lifelong entrepreneur and corporate crusader, she knows that the path to success involves a lot of ups and downs, a lot of hard work, and a LOT of strategy. Throughout her 20 years of developing leaders, she's been fascinated by two things: the systems of success and the science of human performance.


In this episode, Tara and I talk about:

  • Parenting as a leadership role
  • What it means to be a bold leader
  • How people misunderstand leadership


Check out Tara's website at: https://www.taranewmancoaching.com/


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