Movement (Casey Crawford)

Casey Crawford is a CEO, a former Super Bowl champion, and is known for giving away almost half of his company’s profits.

In fact, the day after this podcast was recorded, Casey’s company (Movement Mortgage - one of the 10 largest purchase mortgage lenders in the country) announced they're investing 100 million dollars to build 100 new schools nationwide over the next 10 years through the Movement Foundation. 

That's in addition to 3 charter schools in Charlotte that Movement Foundation already has built, and they've turned surrounding property into community centers, after-school mentoring spaces, affordable housing centers, and wellness centers - right next door to the schools. According to Casey, it's the holistic approach that's needed for true generational change in underserved communities, and it's a model for giving back that other companies can follow. 

This is 3 Things, with Casey Crawford.

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