Statistical planning, human cell cultures for toxoplasma and preventing boredom in laboratory rodents

October 2022

The papers behind the pod:

  1. Piper, SK et al. (2022). Statistical review of animal trials—A guideline. Biometrical Journal
  2. Gargaté MJ et al. (2022). Parallel Propagation of Toxoplasma gondii In Vivo, In Vitro and in Alternate Model: Towards Less Dependence on the Mice Model. Pathogens
  3. Mieske P et al. et al. (2022). Bored at home?—A systematic review on the effect of environmental enrichment on the welfare of laboratory rats and mice. Frontiers in Veterinary Science

It’s the third Thursday of October, and you’re listening to 3 Minute 3Rs, your monthly recap of efforts to replace, reduce and refine the use of animals in research. This month we have a paper on each R. Follow this link for the full transcript:

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