How environment and experimenter affect reproducibility, ex vivo adipocytes, and rodent enrichment

April 2022

The papers behind the pod:


  1. Nigri M et al. (2022). Role of Environment and Experimenter in Reproducibility of Behavioral Studies With Laboratory Mice. Frontiers in Behavioural Neuroscience 16: e835444.
  2.  Vámos A et al. (2022) Mitophagy Mediates the Beige to White Transition of Human Primary Subcutaneous Adipocytes Ex VivoPharmaceuticals 15(3): 363.
  3.  Ratuski AS and Weary DM (2022) Environmental Enrichment for Rats and Mice Housed in Laboratories: A Metareview. Animals 12(4): 414.


It’s the third Thursday of April, and you’re listening to 3 Minute 3Rs, your monthly recap of efforts to replace, reduce and refine the use of animals in research. This month, we’re highlighting three papers focusing on replacement. Follow this link for the full transcript:

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